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Saturday, March 15, 2008

About us

**Disclaimer: When we first began subbing, our subbing team's objective is to get the subbed parts out as soon as possible, so please excuse the parts with incorrect grammar/horrible English. ^_^' We assumed it didn't matter so much as long as the viewers get the gist of what went on in the episodes. :) Now, we've "mastered" the art of subbing and our work has greatly improved, as you may have noticed.

*Special note: We ONLY sub online through Overstream.net. Therefore, our projects will not be available for download (please do not ask us to send you our subtitle files). We will try to link to other fansubbing groups that release subbed episodes for your convenience.

Commonly Used Terms

iswakfansubs = blogspot name
TKA Subbers = our team's official name
Subbers = translators/timers/uploaders (everyone involved with subbing)
Villa = literally, the chatbox on the site, considered as our e-home
Villa regulars = the regular chatters at the Villa (mostly girls)

Our Story

Quick statistics of past and present team members
AU = Australia (2)
CA = Canada (9)
CH = China (9)
ID = Indonesia (2)
IN = India (1)
HK = Hong Kong (2)
JP = Japan (1)
MY = Malaysia (2)
PH = Philippines (15)
SE = Sweden (1)
SG = Singapore (10)
TW = Taiwan (1)
TH = Thailand (1)
UK = United Kingdom (2)
US = United States (15)
VN = Vietnam (1)
ZA = South Africa (1)

Gloria (SG) was the creator of this blog and the primary subber of They Kiss Again (TKA) since taking charge of episode 5 from Jessica (who was the person who first started the subbing of TKA and is unaffiliated with us). Gloria had some personal things to take care of, so the subbing process of episode 12-13 was delayed in the week of March 15, 2008. Aquafina (US) and ISWAKCRAZED/jnguyen (CA) took it upon themselves to finish subbing episode 12 (since the Vietnamese version of it was made available). Meanwhile, Denise/Mabes (US) was subbing episode 13 all by herself. When Gloria reappeared on March 15th, she asked Denise and Aquafina to take over the blog. ISWAKCRAZED/jnguyen decided to join the team, too. Then, along came Sable84 (SG), who volunteered to translate. Thus, we have added our fifth member onto the team. Daisuki/Ayame (US) joined our team as a timer at the completion of the final episode of TKA.

At the completion of TKA, we have decided to stay together as a fansubbing group dedicated to subbing future ArJoe dramas! Yay! We are keeping our group's name as "TKA Subbers" because (1) TKA was our first project as a group, (2) we've created so many friendships and memories through TKA, and (3) we would like to honor and keep TKA alive in everyone's memory, so it seems fitting that we should name our group after this wonderful drama.

Eventually, some of our Villa members, along with other members and new ones joined our team to promote ArJoe goodness:
  • Mei (SG), Luv (ID), Jyotika (IN), and SwtAznAngel530 (US) have been here since the before the beginning of our team; they have finally decided to join our team as ArJoe researchers, which means they will provide us with the most up-to-date news of our idol couple, which they don't actually do. They just come to the Villa screaming when there are Arjoe news. Mei gradually trained to become one of our timers, after many trials and errors. =P Jyotika acquired a new position on the team as she became the uploader. Through many months of lurking, SwtAznAngel530 felt that she needed to contribute more to the Villa by becoming a timer.
  • Savvy (AU) MariaSweden (SE), Gogetgatchie (PH), and Annishi (PH) joined our team as designers. Gogetgatchie is also a timer.
  • Hitomi (JP) and Dreamerlorry were recruited to translate the H&C project.
  • Chopstix (US) joined our team as translator and Jaycee (CA) as timer at the end of July 2008.
  • Indescribable (CA) also joined as a part-time translator for the H&C project. Upon Mei's skillful persuasion, Indescribable agreed to become a main translator for our team.
  • Sunnydayz3 (CA), Lil (TW), Amanda (UK), and Pigoutgirl8 (CA) joined our team for the LoB project. Amanda has also participated majorly in the H&C project.
  • Towards the end of October 2008, another Villa regular, Lyssa (PH), joined our team as a timer.
  • Lilea (US), Brianna (CA), and Hei Yan (US) joined us during the premiere of LoB as timers for the project. Lilea later became a designer when she surprised us with her skillful designs; she is also a translator, as we've "discovered". And actually, she is also an uploader. From where does her skills keep popping out?! xD. In her love of ArJoe and the Villa (and us? :P), Hei Yan decided to stay with our team.
  • Miaka (CA) joined our subbing team as a main timer in 2nd week of LoB.
  • Janice (US) joined our group as timer and Christa as uploader in December.
  • Lena (AU), who is a regular at the Villa, also decided to join our team as a translator and lend us her magical translating powers.
  • Through underground recruiting, Mei managed to recruit two timers, Pebbles (PH), who joined the team starting with LoB ep.7, and Anne (PH).
  • By begging and pleading, Mei and Amanda recruited a translator, Taufu-yeng (MY), on anything Joe-related.
  • Jann (US) got into contact with the team and became a timer for the LoB project starting with ep.9.
  • Here are the staff members who were "coerced" into taking on and finishing the H&C project; their time and virtual sweat drops will never be forgotten by any of us xD (in alphabetical order): Amanda, Anne, Aquafina, Chopstix, Hei Yan, Hitomi, Janice, Lena, Lilea, Mei, Pebbles, and SwtAznAngel530. Thank you SO VERY much ladies! ^_~
  • After LoB, chuchay/xXxsheilaxXx (UK), Lhunla (TH), Villa chatters, decided to join the team as timers.
  • Through recruitment in Chinese forums, Asian Fanatics, and in the chatbox, we welcomed the following translators: loveOrBread (SG), Kathykel (SG), JC (US), Jamie (CH), Jane (CH), Vicky_lin (CH), Sjone (CH), Felicia (CH), Cici (CH). Jamie is our first-ever Japanese translator.
  • The following timers responded to recruitment announcement: Skyre (PH), jcal12 (US), Sourpatch (US), Dyennii (PH), aNn (PH), Zybeel (CA). Dyennii is also a designer.
  • fenchfries (PH) was already uploading for the Villa before she even decided to join the team! xD
  • Raewyn (PH) joined us mid-May 2009 as a designer.
  • Aj (PH) came to us as a timer and an uploader, simply because she wants to do something for Arjoe.
  • Rammarie (CH) through AsianFanatics and Michelle (US) through the Villa, joined as Chinese translators in late May 2009.
  • Notla (HK) fell in love with Arjoe and instantly joined us as a translator mid-June.
  • giotheGirl (SG) was recruited through a mere SMS and joined us as a translator mid-July.
  • Sheepgirl (PH) became the first editor-only on our team in late July.
  • Echo (CH) became a Chinese/Korean translator in September 2009 through our recruitment at Baidu.
  • Lyricalp (US) joined as a timer for our EA section in the beginning of October 2009.
  • Cherr (PH), a Villa regular from the beginning, finally decided to become a designer and joined us in October 2009.
  • dreamweaver (MY) was recruited from asianfanatics and Fenn (HK) joined our team at the start of December 2009.
  • XiaoXing (US) voluntarily contact us in January '10 to offer his help in hardsubbing the remaining LoB episodes. He is also the first male member of the team!
  • The ever-recruiting Mei "reeled" in S (SG) at a Joe Cheng fan meeting in Singapore early in beginning of Feb. '10! xD
  • A few days later, multi-tasker Ftlouis (VN) joined our team as a hardsubber.
  • After being with us as a regular for over 2 years, Granelle (PH) finally joined our hardsubbing division!
  • In the beginning of June, SweetyPie (CA) responded to recruiting efforts and joined us as a Cantonese translator.
  • At the beginning of Aug. 2010, we welcomed kakassi (CH) (who joined us as a Chinese translator...she also knows some Korean) and kriSsy YAun (PH) (who joined as an uploader)!
  • At the start of September, Candy (SG) joined us as a translator.
  • In mid-September 2010, SYH (ZA) joined us as a Taiwanese translator. Our first ever staff member from the continent of Africa! =)
  • At the end of Sep. 2010, Joey (SG), came to us thanks to her friend, Candy, for recruiting!
  • At the end of May 2011, Carrot (SG) joined our team as a translator willingly, without coercion, mind you. Go carrots!
  • In April 2012, Yesica (ID) joined us as a translator/reviewer. We've finally gotten our 2nd staff member from Indonesia!
We look forward to providing ArJoe fans more subbed goodies in the future! Thank you for your support!

Updated: May 07, 2012