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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Contact Ariel Lin & Joe Cheng

For an autograph, you can send a picture of Joe or Ariel to the address for the corresponding person and include $1-2 USD to cover postage costs (make sure it's hidden well and cannot be seen from the outside). You should NOT send a self-addressed stamp envelope (SASE) because it'll work in your postal system but may not work for the Taiwanese system (when they reply). It's okay to include an extra envelope addressed to yourself (without a stamp from your country).

If you would like to send mail to Joe and/or Ariel, please use the addresses below:

Sample Joe's autograph
Catwalk Production House
c/o Joe Cheng
3F No 213 Sec 2 An-ho Rd
Taipei 10676

Addresses shared by: MariaSweden

Sample Ariel's autograph
Ariel Lin
P.O.Box 43-398 Taipei <----NEW ADDRESS to Ariel's personal mail box!
Taipei City 10699

Address shared by: Echo

Also, if you want to send to Ariel's agency company:
P.O.BOX 405 Nangang Kunyang
Taipei City 11599
Taiwan ( R.O.C.)

Chou's Entertainment Ltd.

Last updated: April 10, 2010